Monkland Cheese Dairy News Update

New Cheese Makers.

Sage, Monkland, Garlic and chives, Blue Monk and Other Monk are in! 03/11/23

On Monday 29th August 2023 Monkland Cheesemakers LTD did take over the cheesemaking here at the dairy. Dean and his team have started making the Little Hereford, Sage, Smoked, Monkland, Monkland with garlic and chives, Blue Monk and Other Monk.

They have a marvelous, new, dishwasher that has a wonderfully quick cycle. All those years of washing by hand and all my cheesemakers who had to do so too, I tell you , marvelous. Except it broke down! All mended now though and the stores are beginning to fill. The local farms who supplied our milk still continue to do so. Thank-you dairy people and cows.

The Little Herefords will be a little longer because they need a minimum 4 months to mature.

We wish Dean prosperity and happy cheesemaking. We are of course here to give help and advice when needed.

We are well signposted off the A44 on the Brecon Road just outside Leominster and just 100 yds off the main road with plenty of parking and lovely gardens. We have an award-winning Tea Room with excellent coffee, proper leaf tea, homemade cakes and light lunches. In our shop we sell local products and other nice things to eat and drink. From our cheese counter we sell not only our cheese but other good British artisan cheese and a few continental ones too.

The shop and cafe are open 10-4 Monday to Saturday.

Monkland Cheese Dairy, Cafe and Cheese Shop