Terms and Conditions

Cutting Cheese

Much as we would like to be absolutely accurate because the cheese is cut by hand this is not possible.However, if we slightly under cut on one piece of cheese we will aim to over cut on another so that you will not lose out.

Whole individual cheeses will vary in size and therefore their weight is given as an approximate only.



It may be necessary to substitute a cheese occasionally. If this happens we will try to choose what appears to be an acceptable alternative.



Unless stated to be fixed for a specified period, the company reserves the right to


change prices at anytime without prior notice. All prices are inclusive of VAT (where


applicable) at the prevailing rate.



We reserves the right to change prices at anytime without prior notice. This is only likely to be due to an unexpected surcharge,  or a change in exchange rates, that may have a cosequential knock on effect to the price of a cheese.

All prices are inclusive of VAT (where applicable) at the current rate. Cheese is a non-vat item, which is rather nice, but other items may be vatable.