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Discover cheese production methods as used by an experienced Artisan Cheese


Through a practical days cheesemaking learn about every stage of the

production of  hard and soft cheese at Monkland Cheese Dairy.

Learn about the process from milk to maturation. 


Your cheesemaker and guide for the day, Mark, has a wealth of cheese

experience. Artisan production of Little Hereford at the dairy has been

going for 25 years. Other cheeses joined in along the way until our position

now where we produce seven different cheeses in small regular batches.

The day can be tailored to your needs to a certain extent. A group wanting

a fun activity will probably want something slightly different to the total

cheese enthusiast and we can try and fulfil your desires. The day usually

starts at 8.30 with an introduction and the necessary paperwork. Then we

get started. It is a very practical day so you are actually making the cheese.

You will make your own small cheese which we will mature for you and then

despatch to you. We provide a ploughmans lunch for you and afternoon tea

and tea and coffee breaks throughout the day. If you want to go right through

to the final turning that is at about 4PM. You can join in with the cleaning as

well or skip that part and have a cup of coffee, it is up to you.

For dates, prices and further details please email or telephone us here at the dairy.



Nov 2019

We just wanted to say thank you to all of you for making last Monday’s

Cheesemaking Experience day so special for us.We thoroughly enjoyed

the whole day with you and now realise just how much time, effort,

love and thought goes into making artisan cheeses.

The whole day was planned so carefully around not only making

the cheeses, but detailing and showing all the stages of maturing

and storing the cheese.

All this with time for excellent tea / coffee, cakes / biscuits, and

a splendid lunch.

We can’t call ourselves ‘affineurs’ but we are definitely more

knowledgeable about the cheese we eat and what goes into making

an excellent cheese.

Thank you all again for a great day. With our very best regards,

Sara & Diane.


Sept 2017

Helo Karen and your cheesemakers,

Thanks very much for the parcel of cheeses.  We have really enjoyed eating them

and sharing them with family and friends - a bonus to be able to say that we helped

make them. 

Thanks again for a super day in the dairy with you all, a real eye opener which has

made me appreciate cheese even more.

All good wishes,

Richard and Lyn


March 2017

I came along to the Monkland Dairy with my son, neither of us knowing what to expect but both of us hoping we wouldn't have to merely stand and watch cheese being made by the experts. Well, we weren't disappointed. We stirred and sieved and drained and cut and ground and salted and stacked. We made holes in the Blue Monk and packed curds into colanders to form the characteristic rounded drum shape of the Monkland. We tasted the cheese at all its stages, and were in up to our elbows in whey. At all times, there was someone lovely to answer all our questions, and keep us busy, and when we weren't busy (because you do have to wait for cheese to do its thing) we were given a wonderful Ploughman's lunch, and then - a little later - proper tea served with proper, home made cake. It was enlightening, entertaining and (in a good way) exhausting. We made some new friends as well as our very own mini-Monkland cheese, which will be ready for us in six weeks. I can't recommend this experience day too highly: it was completely brilliant: an original and  thoroughly fun way of spending a Monday in March. Many thanks, Jane and Joe . 


"8 November 2012

The Monkland Cheese Making Experience

A marvellous day, experiencing cheese making all the way from milk from the farm to the finished product, guided all the way with humour and plenty of skill and interesting information.  This is a real “hands on” experience, not to be missed by anyone with a real interest in cheese.  And at the end, of course, you have your own hand made cheese to share and show off to friends and family.

Thanks, Karen and your helpers for a fascinating and most enjoyable day

Graham Godfrey"

May 2013

"PHIL AND VANESSA’S GREAT DAY OUT (Ron enjoyed himself too)

Well at least it made a change from Novelty Xmas socks - a Cheese making day. “You’ll love it, you know how you are interested in finding out how things are made and this is hands on”said Vanessa brightly. ” S’pose so” I, less than wholly convinced, replied, followed rather pathetically by “But it won’t be as much fun if I’m on me own”. “Oh they do a special deal for two, you can get it me as one (Note!) of my birthday presents”.

So one fine snowy day in March on Vanessa’s birthday three of us tipped up at Monkland Cheese Dairy.  As it was an early start we had stayed at a friends in Ludlow and quite weirdly Ron the third member of our party had been given a cheese making day too.

We were met by Karen the head cheese maker and introduced to the team, all very friendly and welcoming. Soon kitted out in all the gear we were given a tour of the dairy and told the dos and don’ts to ensure a quality product as well as our own safety. Two types of cheese were being made and we saw how the milk set into curds. Cutting cheddaring , salting together with titrations (A-level Chemistry!) eventually got us to the stage of filling the containers to make our very own cheese. In between we had a hectic time of cheese pressing, cheese scrubbing, turning cheeses and cleaning, drying the floor and equipment. It was hard work but great fun interspersed with Karen’s amazing knowledge of the art and science of cheese making as well as her good humour and that of her two colleagues. There was so much laughter that at one point when the milk was delivered for the following day the driver popped his head through the window to discover the source of all the hilarity.

We did have time though to have morning coffee, a great lunch (Cheese ploughmans of course!) and afternoon tea and homemade (really home made) cakes.  Having made our own cheeses it was too much to expect to have to wait 6 weeks or so before trying them so we bought quite a bit at the shop which had a wide range of its own and other cheeses.

 After the 6 weeks our cheeses turned up and Karen gave us good advice on storing. We froze one and ate the other over a few weeks. Absolutely delicious and it steadily improved on keeping.

So it was indeed a great day out, we learned a lot, laughed a lot and met some super people. "






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