The Monkland Hamper

The Monkland Hamper


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A Hamper with a selection of cheeses made at Monkland Cheese Dairy

A fine example of our artisan cheese with approx 200g piece of each of our seven cheeses. All are made here at Monkland Cheese Dairy by hand in small batches with milk from a local dairy farmer. Luckily we have caught up with production after the sudden stop in cheese production due to the first Lockdown so all the cheeses are here for you to enjoy.

Little Hereford (200g)

Hereford Sage (200g)

Smoked Little Hereford (200g)

Monkland (200g)

Monkland With Garlic and Chives (200g)

Blue Monk (approx 220g)

Other Monk (approx 220g)

They are all cows milk cheeses made with raw milk and animal rennet.

Minimum weight of cheese delivered to your door - 1.4K (You don't get the mice!)

They come packed in a box and you have the option to send a message with the parcel.

If you have a particular date for delivery please indicate on your order.